What are sharps?

“Sharps” is the term used for hypodermic needles, pen needles, lancets, and other home-use devices used to penetrate the skin for medication delivery.

Proper disposal of sharps is critical. When improperly disposed, sharps pose a serious hazard to waste employees. Used sharps can carry diseases such as hepatitis, HIV, and tetanus.

How do I properly dispose of sharps?

  • Place used sharps in an FDA-cleared sharps disposal container immediately after use
  • When your sharps disposal container is about ¾ full, bring it to a drop-off location. Overfilling sharps containers increases the risk of accidental needlepunctures
  • DO NOT reuse sharps containers.
  • NEVER throw away loose needles and other sharps in trash cans or recycling bins, and NEVER flush them down the toilet.
  • Improper disposal of sharps is ILLEGAL

How do I get a sharps container?

You can buy a sharps container at your local pharmacy, stores that sell medical supplies (ex. Walgreens, Walmart, Office Depot, etc.), or purchase them online.

Sharps Disposal Options

Ask your healthcare provider, veterinarian, local hospital, or pharmacist if they can dispose of your used sharps


Drop sharps off at one of these proper disposal locations in western Placer County:

WPWMA Household Waste Facility
3195 Athens Ave., Lincoln, CA
(916) 543-3960
Open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Recology Auburn Placer Transfer Station
12305 Shale Ridge Rd., Auburn, CA
(530) 885-3735
Open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m

Kaiser Permanente Roseville (Kaiser patients only)
1600 Eureka Rd., Roseville CA
(916) 784-4000