Battery Drop Off

Batteries are another type of HHW that require special handling.

Placing batteries in with your trash can be dangerous and cause a fire. Plus, exploding batteries could contaminate recyclables and cause damage to the environment. The good news is old batteries can be recycled into new batteries!

Keep a battery box on hand so that every time you empty batteries out of your TV remote, your child’s favorite toy, or your smoke alarm at 3 a.m. – you have a place to put them! Toss old batteries in with your reusable grocery bag on your next trip to one our partner grocery stores, libraries or home improvement stores where you can safely dispose of your old batteries. To avoid sparking, we recommend taping the ends of old batteries with clear tape before properly disposing of them at one of our drop-off locations mapped below. You can also schedule a curbside pickup appointment.

Battery Drop off Locations