Earth month: Small changes for big impact

Earth month: Small changes for big impact
April 13, 2022 Jess Rhods

Earth month: Small changes for big impact

Most environmental concerns are earth sized problems, but if we all make small changes, eventually they’ll have a big impact on the environment. As Placer Recycles celebrates Earth Month, we’re sharing some easy things you can do locally to keep our earth healthy and thriving.

Five tips for keeping our earth clean and green

  1. For neat and clean organizers

Watch out for Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)! We love the smell of a freshly cleaned space after tidying up, but what comes next can hurt recyclables. Click play below to R.O.C.K. your HHW or visit our HHW resource page.

  1. For chefs and kitchen gurus

Protect recyclables and your pipes – skip pouring fats, oils and grease (FOG) down the drain or into your bin. Watch our video to learn how to clear the FOG away safely!

  1. For car lovers and motor heads

Seal off and ship out your engine’s used oil to its next best life. Learn the ABC’s of motor oil and filter disposal here.

  1. For plant parents and garden growers

Learn the six steps to turning everyday organics into compost soil.

  1. For techies and cloud-living cord-cutters

Re-gift unused tech, trade it in for some extra cash or bring it to us for safe disposal. If your tech has used batteries, contact us for free curbside pick-up or drop-off! Learn more about eWaste here.

We all call planet earth home! Together, we can share ideas and make small changes for a positive environmental impact for generations to come.

Upcoming events in Placer County

Put your mattress to bed at WPWMA April 30!

WPWMA is hosting a free mattress take-back event April 30 from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Did you know the foam from your recycled mattresses can be reused in padding for dog beds? That is something to wag your tail about! Limit four mattresses or box springs per person and only available to Placer County Residents. Learn more on WPWMA’s web page.

This May, give your used motor oil filters a second chance!

During the month of May, we are hosting a FREE Oil Filter Exchange! Bring in a used oil filter for recycling any day in May and get a new free filter (maximum value $10). Find a participating auto part store near you below!

Participating AutoZone Part Stores:

  • LINCOLN  |  130 Gateway Drive
  • ROCKLIN  |  6651 Stanford Ranch Road
  • ROSEVILLE  |  5170 Foothills Boulevard, Suite 150
  • ROSEVILLE  |  361 Roseville Square

Participating O’ Reilly’s Auto Stores:

  • AUBURN  |  548 Grass Valley Highway
  • LINCOLN  |  900 Groveland Lane
  • ROCKLIN  |  5601 Pacific Street
  • ROSEVILLE  |  3993 Foothills Boulevard
  • ROSEVILLE  |  106 Harding Boulevard


What percent of mattress material can be recycled into other products?

More than 75%! Join our effort to divert valuable resources from local landfills and help build a greener community!

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