How does Placer Recycle?

Placer County Residents and visitors are already recycling! Using one combined trash and recycling bin and our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), we sort out all possible recyclable material for you. But not everything can go in. You have the power to keep Placer beautiful for generations to come by making sure only trash and recyclables go in the bin. Please use our convenient pickup and drop off resources for all other types of waste.


The Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), affectionately known as the The Murf around here, assists Western Placer County with achieving state mandated waste diversion goals. The MRF serves multiple jurisdictions, helping us to collaboratively achieve a much greater economy of scale for material diversion and provide consistency for residents in waste diversion and recycling programs.

The MRF was designed and is operated to:

1) recover recyclable materials from mixed waste
2) process green and wood wastes (or yard waste) for composting or biomass
3) receive and process source-separated recyclables
4) provide for receipt and recycling or disposal of household hazardous waste.

The MRF and is owned and operated by the Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA). Members of the RRG are listed in Our Partners sections below.

Our Partners